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What is a fish tank or aquarium?

A fish tank is like a special home for fish. It’s a see-through container filled with water where fish can swim and live comfortably. It’s made of clear material, so we can see the fish and all the cool things inside. They come in different sizes from small desktop tanks to large home aquariums.

The tank has everything the fish need to be happy, like water, oxygen, and sometimes plants or decorations to make it look pretty. People like having fish tanks because they are fun to watch and take care of. It’s like having a little piece of the ocean right in our home!

Advantages and disadvantages of using a fish tank


  1. Beautiful and Fun: Fish tanks are like having a mini underwater world at home. They are colorful and exciting to watch, bringing joy and relaxation.
  2. Learning Experience: Having a fish tank can teach us about different types of fish, their behaviors, and how to take care of them. It’s a hands-on way to learn about the underwater ecosystem.
  3. Calming and Relaxing: Watching fish swim in a tank can be calming and soothing. It can help reduce stress and make us feel peaceful.


  1. Responsibility: Having a fish tank means taking care of the fish. We need to feed them properly, clean the tank regularly, and make sure they have a suitable environment. It requires time and effort.
  2. Expenses: Setting up and maintaining a fish tank can be expensive. There are costs for buying the tank, decorations, fish food, and equipment like filters and heaters.
  3. Maintenance: Fish tanks need regular cleaning and water testing to keep the fish healthy. It can be a bit of work and might require adult supervision.

How to decide which type of fish tank to buy for your aquatic pets?

Choosing the right model can be complicated, since you should not only rely on user opinions to buy an aquarium.

In this section we have prepared some purchase criteria that will serve as advice for choosing the best option:

  1. Size Matters: Think about how many fish you want to have. If you want more fish, you’ll need a bigger tank so they have enough space to swim and grow. Smaller tanks are better for just a few fish.
  2. Fish Type: Different fish need different environments. Some like warm water, while others prefer cooler temperatures. Make sure the tank you choose matches the needs of the fish you want to keep.
  3. Tank Shape: Tanks come in different shapes like rectangles, squares, or even round bowls. Consider where you want to put the tank and choose a shape that fits nicely in that space.
  4. Equipment: Some tanks come with filters, heaters, and lights, while others don’t. These things help keep the water clean, warm, and well-lit for your fish. It’s usually better to get a tank that includes these accessories.
  5. Price: Think about your budget. Fish tanks come in various price ranges. Remember, you’ll also need to buy fish food and other supplies, so make sure you can afford everything.

Click on the following images to learn the important differences between the freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Remember, taking care of fish is a big responsibility. Make sure you’re ready to give them the care they need, like feeding them regularly and keeping their tank clean. With the right tank and proper care, your pet fish will be happy!

How do I decide which fish tank size is best?

Fish tanks can come in different sizes. Some are as small as half a gallon, while others can be as big as 200 gallons or even more!

Before you decide which fish tank to buy, it’s important to think about all the different sizes available. So, take your time and consider what size is best for you and your fishy friends!

How do you set up a fish tank?

Setting up a fish home can be a fun and exciting project! Here’s a simple guide on how to set up a fish tank:

  1. Gather your materials: You’ll need a fish tank, a filter, a heater (if needed), a thermometer, gravel or sand, decorations, water conditioner, and fish food.
  2. Choose the right size tank: Decide how many fish you want and choose a tank that can comfortably accommodate them. A larger tank is generally better for the fish.
  3. Clean the tank: Rinse the tank with water to remove any dust or debris. Do not use soap or cleaning chemicals, as they can be harmful to the fish.
  4. Add gravel or sand: Pour clean gravel or sand into the bottom of the tank. This will provide a comfortable surface for the fish and help with beneficial bacteria growth.
  5. Install the filter: Follow the instructions to install the filter in the tank. The filter helps keep the water clean by removing waste and maintaining a healthy environment for the fish.
  6. Set up the heater (if needed): If your fish require warm water, install the heater in the tank. Make sure to set it to the appropriate temperature for your fish species.
  7. Decorate the tank: Add decorations like rocks, plants, or caves for the fish to explore and hide. Make it a fun and stimulating environment for them!
  8. Fill the tank with water: Use a clean bucket to fill the tank with water. Treat the water with water conditioner to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
  9. Check the temperature: Use a thermometer to ensure the water temperature is suitable for your fish. Adjust the heater if needed.
  10. Wait and test the water: Let the tank run for a few days before adding fish. Test the water regularly using a water test kit to make sure the levels are safe for the fish.
  11. Introduce the fish: Once the tank is ready, slowly introduce your fish to their new home. Be gentle when releasing them into the tank.
  12. Feed and care for your fish: Follow the recommended feeding instructions for your fish species. Regularly clean the tank, monitor water quality, and provide a healthy and safe environment for your fish.

Remember, taking care of fish is a responsibility. Enjoy watching and caring for your fish, and always learn about their specific needs.

What equipment do I need to set up a fish tank?

Setting up a fish tank is exciting! Here’s a simple list of equipment you’ll need:

  1. Fish tank: This is the home for your fish. It can be made of glass or plastic. Choose a size that suits the number of fish you want.
  2. Filter: The filter keeps the water clean by removing dirt and waste. It’s like a fish tank vacuum cleaner!
  3. Heater: Some fish need warm water to be happy. The heater helps keep the water at the right temperature for your fish friends.
  4. Thermometer: This little tool helps you check the water temperature. It’s like a thermometer for fish!
  5. Gravel or sand: This goes at the bottom of the tank. It’s like a soft carpet for your fish to swim on.
  6. Decorations: Fish love having things to explore and hide in. You can add rocks, plants, or castles to make the tank a fun place for your fish.
  7. Water conditioner: This is a special liquid that makes tap water safe for your fish. It removes harmful things like chlorine.
  8. Fish food: Just like you need to eat, fish need food too! There are different types of food for different types of fish.
  9. Net: This is a gentle tool to help you catch and move your fish without hurting them.

That’s it! With these tools, you can set up a cool fish tank for your fishy friends.

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How do you clean an aquarium?

Cleaning a fish tank is an important part of taking care of your pet fish. Here’s a simple guide on how to clean a fish tank:

  1. Prepare: a clean bucket, a fish net, a sponge or aquarium-safe cleaning pad, and water conditioner (if needed).
  2. Turn off equipment: Unplug any equipment in the tank, like the filter or heater. This keeps them safe while you clean.
  3. Catch the fish: Use the fish net to gently catch your fish and carefully place them in the clean bucket. It’s important to be gentle and not squeeze them too tightly.
  4. Remove water: Carefully scoop out about 20-30% of the water from the tank using the bucket. Be careful not to disturb the gravel or decorations.
  5. Clean the tank: Use a sponge or cleaning pad to gently scrub the inside of the tank. Remove any algae or dirt that you see. Be gentle and avoid scratching the glass.
  6. Rinse decorations: If you have any decorations or plants in the tank, you can rinse them with water to remove any debris. Do not use soap or cleaning chemicals.
  7. Replace water: Fill the bucket with clean, treated tap water or use water conditioner to remove harmful chemicals from tap water. Slowly pour the water back into the tank.
  8. Reconnect equipment: Plug in and turn on the filter, heater, and any other equipment that was turned off.
  9. Put the fish back: Use the net to carefully transfer your fish back into the tank. Take your time and make sure they swim safely into their home.
  10. Dispose of old water: Pour the old tank water down the sink or outside, away from plants and animals.

Remember to clean your fish tank regularly, about once a month or as needed.